About Us

EcoShades is a reputable name in the Reflective Foil Industry that produces Energy Efficient DIY Kits and Products such as, the “Hot Water Heater Jacket”. Since our inception in 1991 we have built strong, loyal, and prosperous relationships with home owners, contractors and National merchants. We have a loyal customer base that believes in our “Eco-friendly Products”. Our plan is to expand our products in more homes, businesses and stores across Canada and North America to help in the global reduction of energy consumption.

For many years ‘Reflective Foil’ has predominately been used in Commercial and Industrial Applications. It has not been until recently that ‘Reflective Foil’ have been exposed to the general public in different applications.

Ecoshades has been a leader in providing consumers with DIY KITS and other Reflective Foil Products that can be used at home, work or for personal use.

Using only the highest grade of Reflective Foil, all of our products are 100% made in Canada. For the safety of our customers, our Reflective Foil insulation products have been Certified and Tested for applications that require ‘code compliance’ for exposed insulation

This product meets ‘Class 1/Class A’ Fire Standards with ASTM E84, and conforms to the requirements for the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 286 Full-Room Burn Test.

For our ‘RETAIL PARTNERS’ we are: EDI compatible, a GS1 global member, complete Bilingual packaging and Dock to Shelf ready with knock out front perforated Display Box for easy displaying